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Innovating, creating, developing whilst optimizing resources is our core business. With our competence and work methods, we can make our clients' ideas come to life, limiting a waste of resources in terms of time and money.

What we do

We are specialized in developing complex web or mobile apps, in designing and creating platforms or any type of software, using a language and system structure which meets the requirements of the project. Our main language is Python, but we use all major technologies: Django, React, Swift, React Native, GNU/Linux, PostgreSQL and uWSGI.



  • Web Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Web Platforms

  • Software as a Service

  • Web Utility & Tool

  • Plug-in and extensions

An initial high quality service reduces time lost in updates, error or bug correction, restyling etc. Moreover, it eliminates the loss of time and money which occurs when you buy a low cost product with poor results and need to buy another.

Our objective is to offer a high quality " all inclusive " service, starting with an analisis of the client's needs, forming a road map, offering advice and ad hoc solutions, going on to provide a software which will corrispond to the client's expectations.

We can avoid that " sense of frustration" that our clients refer to when they have had to deal with never-ending projects full of "bugs", by using a series of functional tests that review the entire code.

This is the best guarantee we can offer to minimize the risk of crash, errors or malfunction, creating operative software in a short time.

We are specialised in software development with Python, a language we have been using for more than 10 years, but we are able to choose and use the most suitable technology for the needs of the project.

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