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A showcase of our digital products.

Our focus is on delivering a service of the utmost quality, from initial needs analysis to product development, ultimately producing a high-value offering for our clients.

CNI - prodotti

CNI Foundation

Training Platform

A complex management application for engineers enrolled in the CNI, with differentiated interfaces and features, to be made usable, simple and secure.

TECH: Python/Django, Postgres, Docker/K8s React

Client Product


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GS1 - prodotti



An app that scans product images to verify their authenticity: developed through a Product Management process, illustrated during GS1 European Conference.

TECH: Python, Django, Postgresql, Docker, AWS, AWS Lambda, Terraform and pipeline GitLab

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ElkRange - prodotti

ElkRange Royalties

Monitoring Platform

The 20tab team has improved the visualization of maps on the platform through a complete and modern re-engineering, making them more fluid and dynamic.

TECH: Python, Django, Leaflet, React, Django REST Framework

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PAVM - Prodotti

Vatican Museums

Patrons of Vatican Museums

The mission of The Patrons of Arts is to preserve and promote the artistic heritage of the Vatican Museums: together with the Reverse team, we have contributed to the creation of their portal.

TECH: Python, Django, Docker/K8s React

Client Product

Vatican City




We contributed to the updating of the active and passive cycle management infrastructure, taking care of the porting of the e-commerce platform prior to Shopify.

TECH: Python, Shopify, Odoo.

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Mer et Demeures - prodotti

BF Communication

Mer et demeures

The international real estate portal that offers seafront and view structures only, for sale or seasonal rentals: we have created it, through a long and challenging work on the maps.

TECH: Python, GeoDjango, Postgis, Docker/K8s, React, Leaflet

Client Product


World Food Programme - prodotti

World Food Programme

Invoice Tracking System

20tab has collaborated, in the Consulthink team, on the internal project of WFP: a system to simplify and rationalize the whole process of tracking invoices from international suppliers.

TECH: Python, Django, Celery, Tesseract, Knockout.js

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An e-commerce platform for sewing, hobby and household products shifted from Magento to Shopify, with greater attention to the user experience.

TECH: Python, Gnu, Linux, Cloud Platforms, FastAPI, API Shopify

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HHB - prodotti

TorVergata University

HHB Project

An ambitious project, which aims to rewrite the history of poverty and inequality: we have worked on this platform together with the Reverse team, which is also responsible for the website UX / UI.

TECH: Python GeoDjango, Postgis, React

Client Product


Consiglio dei Ministri - Prodotti

Council of Ministers


In collaboration with Nephila, we have worked on the new platform for the publication and consultation of public documents online, one of the tools of the Italian digital transformation.

TECH: Python, Django, Elasticsearch

Client Product


BEEPro - prodotti


BEE Playground

A tool that allows users to intervene directly on the code of the editor for newsletters, having fun experimenting with the possibilities: 20tab, in this case, dealt with the frontend side.

TECH: Django, React, @mailupinc/bee-plugin

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