MIRETS: geographical maps & UX








The initial situation

ETS was born in Italy but is now an international reality providing innovative and sustainable services in engineering, geotechnical, architectural and infrastructure diagnostics to improve mobility and personal safety.

MIRETS is the web platform designed for the easy input, editing and use of infrastructures and tunnels on a geographical map, their census and orders related to the first two: it is a useful tool for insiders to monitor the status of tunnels and offer support for design and maintenance interventions.

Within this portal, the client’s need was to display the infrastructure on a geographical map and allow the ETS operators to manage the works and orders.

Main Technical Activities



UX / UI Design

System Integration

Tools and Practices

Design Thinking


Impact Mapping

User Story Mapping

Opportunity Solution Tree

Goal Tree

User Research

Implemented activities

At the beginning of the work, we started with discovery to reach an initial roadmap, and then proceeded with incremental delivery.

The initial plan was to make some demo tunnels visible on a map, with a basic representation of priority indices. Through ongoing analysis and research, there was an evolution that led to the development of additional aspects such as mapping infrastructure and tunnels, tunnel census with basic computation, and mapping a tunnel with priority indices. Finally, we worked on the representation of orders related to tunnels, with classification and search.

We also addressed the issue of archiving and providing access to the construction drawings produced and delivered as part of the work orders carried out by ETS. We were expected to find a way to provide access to the entire set of documents currently stored in the ETS document repository. As a result of our intervention, the user has the tools to upload useful information to represent the orders associated with the works and the corresponding lists of elaborates: the operator can then search and access these resources, obtaining all the information on the existence and location of the specific elaborates.

Implemented technologies


Final result

The MIRETS platform is currently online for the ETS users and allows them to benefit from the functions just described: from the representation of tunnels on a map to the management of documents with a search function.

The synergy between 20tab and ETS has allowed us to work in a collaborative and highly stimulating way, sharing knowledge and awareness of our areas of expertise. We also had the pleasure of accompanying our client to the Expo Ferroviaria 2023 to talk about sustainability and infrastructure.