Hero About us

what we do

We build digital products that generate a positive impact, improving people's lives.

Our aim is to create software and digital products that generate maximum results, using minimal resources and an iterative approach that ensures continuous improvement.

the way we work

20tab Way

The 20tab way draws upon practices and methodologies coming from the world of Lean-Agile, DevOps, Design Thinking, Growth and modern Product Management.


Product Team as a Service

A multidisciplinary product team that shares every operational and strategic phase with the client.

Product Management

Product Management

Our practices and methodologies ensure that the journey of a digital product is reliable, adaptable, and resilient.

Lean Product Development

Lean Product Development

A combination of discovery and delivery tasks, within an Agile approach, with the release of measurable value at each iteration.

Quality Software

Quality Software

Our software passes unit, integration, functional, and usability tests, thanks to the implementation and construction of a semi-automated system.

Continuous Improvement Learning

Continuous Improvement & Learning

We actively participate in training events and company learning sessions, in order to deliver the highest level of expertise to our clients.


We build solutions, discover opportunities, and meet the needs of our users across a range of areas: web applications development, Geographic Information Systems, mobile apps, machine learning, e-commerce and more. To support our work, we have selected the following technological stack.