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We prioritize the use of the most efficient methodologies and practices.

We offer our clients all our strategic and technical know-how, to meticulously analyze each phase, each need and request of the end user.

Methodology intro

Our toolbox

At 20tab, we have always embraced Agile Methodologies: they allow us to simplify activities, minimize waste of resources and ultimately deliver the best possible results. We apply Agile Development, Design Thinking, Lean Product Development and Growth Marketing in our team organization and in the management of our clients' products.

Through practice and research, we have developed and improved our tools over the years, and they have become part of our toolkit.

design exploration


We believe in Continuous Discovery, knowing that products are never finished, but can be perfected in potentially infinite iterations. We do this with the help of frameworks, canvases and templates that we find most useful and that we have developed as a team.

This toolbox is called Hera, and it is the main support to start our Product Discovery, the first step to learn about the possibilities, the users and the context in which the digital product we are working on will be born and/or evolve.

We also introduced Hera in a webinar.



We frame motivations, goals, and users through workshops.



We conduct user research to identify user profiles and their needs.



We formulate concrete solutions based on assumptions, which we then validate through prototype testing.



User story mapping, mockups, technical issues: let’s set up the operational phase.



Everything is ready: we estimate user stories, work on a roadmap, and start the sprints.

automation tool


Connected to the other key moment in Lean Product Development, Continuous Delivery, is the other tool created by the 20tab team.

Continuous Delivery allows us to automate many repetitive tasks, which would otherwise waste a lot of our time, and thus avoid errors: from the Continuous Integration of new code into a central repository, to the TDD (Test Driven Development) approach, to monitoring and feedback collection systems.

Talos is our technological framework, designed to minimize setup and provisioning time, automate repetitive tasks and optimize the Continuous Delivery process. It is open source and can be found on Github.



It automates setup using the wizard only once.



It sets the remote environments, using Kubernetes and Terraform.



The Continuous Delivery process begins, from the first commit.


Continuous Delivery

Now we can start focusing on Lean Product Development.


We are lifelong Pythonists and active contributors to the Django Software Foundation. We support our clients in developing custom software based on their needs and goals by choosing the latest and best technologies. Custom Python applications, interactive maps and spatial data, iOS and Android development, data visualization software, tailored ERP solutions, machine learning and AI, Django bespoke solutions.

We can do it with our experience and technology stack.