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Improving our industry means improving ourselves.

We believe in the power of creating positive impact through community building and transparent disclosure, becoming a source of inspiration while learning from others.

Product Management Conference

Product Management Day

The first and largest Italian conference on Product Management, dedicated to promoting and spreading product culture. It provides a unique platform for companies and experts to connect, network, and exchange ideas, and features keynote talks by renowned national and international speakers.

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Lean and Agile Experience


Our community is committed to sharing knowledge, experience, and skills from our company through a series of free talks and workshops. These events feature participation from a range of professionals, consultants, and experts, and focus on topics related to Lean and Agile methodologies.

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International presence

Conference participation

Comparing, meeting, learning, sharing, challenging: this is what it means for 20tab to participate in events and conferences in Italy and abroad. We actively engage to make our contribution as speakers, we support initiatives we believe in as sponsors and partners, we enjoy these experiences as participants.

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