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At 20tab, we are committed to fostering a healthy, pleasant, and stimulating work environment. We believe that our team is at the heart of everything we do: competent, cohesive, and fully equipped to drive our company’s growth and success.

Being part of 20tab is:

team play
Team play

At 20tab, we view our team as a dynamic orchestra, where every member is an essential contributor and every decision and responsibility is shared by everyone.

full remote
Full remote

Results are what matter most, regardless of where work takes place. All you need is a stable internet connection and a good pair of headphones.

work-life balance
Work-life balance

Time is a precious resource, and we believe that achieving a healthy work-life balance is essential to our well-being and success. That’s why we encourage our team to prioritize their personal passions and relationships outside of work.


We value curious, adventurous individuals who embrace challenges and new ideas, while also fostering a tight-knit team that enjoys good times and food together.

sense of belonging
Sense of belonging

Transparency is key at 20tab: results, news, goals and numbers speak for themselves. We ensure everyone has a voice by actively listening to and considering their opinions.

out of the comfort zone
Out of the comfort zone

We are passionate about events and conferences. We both organize our own and actively participate in those hosted by others. We believe in the power of continuous learning and challenge ourselves to take the stage and share our knowledge with others.

casual clothing
... but in comfy clothes!

In our calls, you're unlikely to see anyone wearing suits and ties. We embrace individuality and enjoy a healthy competition for the most unique and original t-shirts!

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Back-end Developer

If Python is your favorite language but you like to experiment, consider testing an integral part of the code and would like to learn more about DevOps, then you're in the right place.


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spontaneous application

Front-end Developer

To become our Front-end Developer you must have a good knowledge of React and React Native. Your skills will support those already present within the team.


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