Picture It! Images and products

Picture It! is designed to facilitate the easy uploading of product images by associates into the GS1 DB, as this has proved to be a critical aspect in the past. The automatic removal of photo backgrounds is the primary feature that provides value to users.


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The initial situation

The client issued a request for proposal (RFP), inviting us to collaborate with them on designing and developing a solution that would allow GS1 associates from different national organizations to add high-quality representative images to their registered products. 

Main technical activities

UI / UX Design

App Publishment on iOS/Android stores

System Integrations

Deploy on AWS


Tools and practices

Impact Mapping

UX Research


Implemented activities

After reviewing the RFP, we proceeded to convert it into impact maps, initial mockups, and user story maps. We developed a roadmap consisting of 3 key milestones, with the most crucial challenges being addressed and resolved during the initial milestone.

During the development and implementation phases of the solution, we adopted an iterative and incremental approach, leveraging Django and AWS Lambda technologies to create and launch the final product on AWS.

Following the delivery of each release, we conducted user testing and integrated the feedback received from the previous release into the subsequent releases.

Implemented Technologies

Python-whiteDjango-whiteAWS - whitePostgresql-whiteDocker whiteGitlab-whiteAmazon Lambda - white

Final result

Since October 2021, the system has been in production, and it has already been adopted by some national local associations, such as those in Poland and Russia. To facilitate the integration of Picture It with their national software, we collaborate with GS1 to provide support to these organizations.

We also spoke about this product management process at the GS1 Regional Forum conference. Raffaele Colace and Maurizio Delmonte, Product Manager, had the opportunity to take the stage in Warsaw to present the work carried out in collaboration with GS1. Above all, to talk about the technical aspects, with Filippo Morelli connected from Rome, and the Agile and Lean method with which this process has been approached.