Elk Range: a new digital platform


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The initial situation

The client requested our intervention to support the Elk Range internal team in evolving their digital platform, involving the creation of new components and the improvement of the technology already in use.

Main Technical Activities


Tools and Practices

Design Thinking

Impact Mapping

Implemented activities

We intervened on the internal-use Elk Range platform, working on individual functional components in response to the client requests received via GitHub and bi-weekly calls.

The flow of requests increased over the months, and the work carried out was independently delivered and put into production by the client.

The focus has primarily been on improving the performance of maps and views in the project used by Elk Range to assess various aspects of their business. This was achieved by employing various techniques.

On the backend, smart spatial filters and streaming techniques are introduced to handle substantial amounts of geospatial data.

We built an engine that efficiently facilitates businesses in conducting critical visual assessments of their assets by delivering both raw and processed geospatial data through incremental streaming.

We also offered on-demand consulting on Python (Django), SQL (GIS and non-GIS) code optimization, and project engineering. Additionally, we provided on-demand code review support for the development team involved in the project.

On the front end, by creating a reusable, custom Leaflet integration capable of:

  • dynamically loading GeoJSON layers
  • reading streamed data, and populating the map incrementally
  • interacting with table views to offer fly-to-area capabilities and more

The resulting Leaflet integration is a Python package, largely configurable and adaptable to a variety of use cases, which the Elk Range team is successfully employing across the project.

Implemented technologies


Final result

The work carried out has resulted in improved performance for maps, including different base layers (satellite, etc.), and enhanced quality-checking functions.

The platform now responds with increasing performance, meeting the needs of users, enabling them to remotely monitor all aspects of interest to the company more effectively.