Jolicì: new platform and new design

Jolicì is an e-commerce platform for sewing, hobby and household products. The platform has shifted from Magento to Shopify, but also through a redefinition of identity and greater attention to the user experience.








The initial situation

The client contacted us to solve an issue caused by the Magento e-commerce platform, which would soon have stopped receiving security updates and the switch to the next version would have required a huge investment, as well as forcing the client to have an external technical supplier.

So, we took care of porting the existing e-commerce from Magento to Shopify.

Main technical activities

UX/UI Design


Growth Marketing

Tools and practices

Design Thinking

Implemented activities

Initially we analyzed the existing situation with the client and visualized what the point of arrival should be, with the replacement of the Magento platform with Shopify.

The study of the Shopify API integrations and the custom development for the migration of the product catalog to Shopify were then carried out, analyzing all the features to be modified and/or added, in order to meet the client’s requests.

We also took care of the UX/UI design part and the choice of the graphic template, making a substantial restyling of the UI.

Implemented technologies


Final result

The existing e-commerce port from the Magento platform to Shopify has been successful, the new system is still working and has also brought an increase in the volume of business in terms of orders and sales.