CNI: usability and digitalization

The platform was completely rewritten, within six months, and successfully published in a first version containing only the most important functions. New features and improvements have later been added on an ongoing basis to those already released, based on the feedback received.


Italian National Council of Engineers (CNI)


Professional Association




The initial situation

The certified engineers (over 250,000) are engaged in annual mandatory continuing-education, which involves obtaining credits through participation in events organized by certified institutions or through direct request to the National Council or territorial orders.

The complete process of generating and managing credit happens within the designated Training Platform. This platform allows for various tasks such as organizing events and courses, registering and enrolling engineers and other professionals in training events, requesting and assigning credit, applying for exemptions, making payments, creating documents, and performing other administrative duties.

This portal is an advanced management application that offers various complex and interconnected functionalities to different users through differentiated interfaces. Given its strategic importance, this system must be user-friendly, intuitive, stable, and secure.

Our work consisted in modernizing and expanding an existing platform that had limited functionalities and was designed using outdated technologies.

Main technical activities

UI / UX Design


Tools and practices


UX Research

Implemented activities

We started with an initial analysis of the existing platform, assessing the client's needs and problems, and preparing a detailed Impact Mapping. Through several meetings, we were able to identify goals and desired outcomes.

Next, we collaborated with the client on designing the new platform, utilizing User Story Mapping sessions. This enabled us to define priorities and gauge the level of complexity involved in the project.

The development work was carried out in Agile/Scrum mode, with a mixed team consisting of 20tab (Tech Lead, backend/frontend/DevOps developers, UX/UI designers, Product Owner) and CNI (1 Tech Lead/Reference System Engineer, and 1 Domain Expert Business Analyst).

Furthermore, we conducted usability tests to track the ease-of-use perception and pain points of the major milestones released.

The platform updates were released in a continuous cycle, both in production and development environments, using a DevOps approach. This was made possible through the utilization and maintenance of CI/CD pipelines integrated with the code versioning system, implementing a Continuous Integration process.

Implemented technologies


Final result

The platform has been completely rewritten and renewed.

The content organization, overall UX, security, data accuracy, and integrity have all been significantly improved compared to the previous platform, as evidenced by numerous user feedback. New features have been added, such as managing inquiries on credit requests or direct accreditation from the platform, and registering for events with automated payment.

The project, however, has not yet been completed: new features are currently being developed to automate and digitize more daily tasks and procedures, initially excluded for priority reasons or because they can’t be implemented with the pre-existing system.

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