BEE: UX and a touch of Python

Growens is an integrated industrial group that creates technologies for content creation, predictive marketing, and mobile messaging. The Group, whose main investor is MailUp, consists of 3 Business Units: Agile Telecom, Datatrics and BEE. In the context of the latter, on some of its products, 20tab stepped in.








The initial situation

For the Bee application, interventions were required on system-related issues, query optimizations, interfacing with the database, as well as optimizations of other specific components and improvements to some elements of the public interface.

Three key issues were addressed: Connectors, Playground, and the BeePro main website.

Main technical activities


UX/UI Design

Tools and practices


Implemented activities

Connectors: with an Agile approach, connectors were implemented to link BeePro's main service (HTML email templates) to the most known newsletter services such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, etc. An appropriate UX was also developed, making it quickly available to users on the online platform.

Playground: this specific area within the application allows BeePro users to test the editor tool. The UX was designed together with the BeePro product team, and the frontend tool was then implemented.

The online tool is accessible at this link:

BeePro: for the BeePro application, action was taken on system-related issues, query and other specific components optimization, along with interfacing with the database. The client benefited from 20tab's vertical expertise in DevOps, Postgres and Python to resolve specific problems quickly and efficiently.

Implemented technologies

Python-whiteDjango-whitePostgresql-whiteDocker whitekubernetes

Final Result

The work was managed in an Agile manner and, within a few sprints, all three products were released. This meant that the customer was able to offer the relevant services to its end users, improve the user experience and gather new feedback.