Kaleidoscope: 20tab's study of the Italian technology universe

February 27, 2024, by Anna Lisa Di Vincenzo




Kaleidoscope, the survey designed by 20tab to map Italy's business and technology landscape, is officially launched.

The research

We called it Kaleidoscope because it is the image that best represents why we are doing this survey. We really fantasized about observing Italian companies - diverse, multifaceted, complex - through a kaleidoscope that would give us back all their colors, nuances and facets.

The project stems from 20tab's commitment to spreading product culture and the desire to overturn the classic consulting paradigm, especially in the software world.

We work every day side by side with many realities, both Italian and international; we have met over the years, through communities and our event Product Management Day, many companies. Our experience has given us the opportunity to get to know some of the excellence of our country and to peek into the mechanisms that drive and condition Italian companies.

This is where the survey begins: we want to analyze the current situation and look to the future of entrepreneurship by initiating an open and constructive discussion. The results of the research will be made available to all participants and to the public.

Technology, business set-up, training, methodologies: these are the points touched by the research born among the computers of 20tab. A study able to give us a complete picture of the Italian entrepreneurial landscape, from today's choices to the vision of the future.

How it is structured

The survey consists of a questionnaire that will allow us to frame the figure of the respondent (role and sector), then go on to analyze various aspects related to the company of reference: from the technologies used to the working method, from the perspectives on the future to the commitment to learning and continuous improvement.

Responses are anonymous and are analyzed in aggregate.

Who is it for

The research is open to anyone working in an Italian company*, regardless of industry.

Whether you are a CTO, Tech Lead, Dev, Project Manager, Designer, Product Manager, CEO, we believe that your voice and experience have value and can add an important piece to this research.

All attendees will be able to preview the report that will emerge from the research.

*The questionnaire is in Italian and designed for the Italian context.

Let's explore together the present and future of Italian entrepreneurship!

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