Open Data: maps and data to browse

Three portals based on Open Data that collect complex geolocalized data: they were created by 20tab for GSSI and are freely available to all users.


GSSI - Gran Sasso Science Institute


Research & Education




The initial situation

Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) is an international school of advanced studies and a center for research and higher education in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science and social sciences.

GSSI asked Gabriele Giaccari, our Head of Product, for support in developing search and visualization dashboards on maps of complex geolocated data with an Open Data component: data useful for monitoring the progress of exceptional situations, such as those related to Covid-19 and post-earthquake reconstruction, and for different categories of users (scientists, researchers, journalists, but also citizens).

Specifically, the requirement was to analyze, design and develop the back-end platform, collect, process and expose the data through APIs, and then perform the system work to deploy and maintain the online portals.

Main Technical Activities


Tools and Practices


User Story Mapping

Implemented activities

The work involved three portals, focusing on different information and themes, but functioning alike:

The starting point was the collection of initial requirements from the university team and the analysis of the data actually available. After working on the design of the application and the geolocation APIs, the first version was deployed through a series of tests with the university team.

The platforms were released during an official ceremony in front of the institutions to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the L'Aquila earthquake in 2019.

Implemented technologies

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Final result

Open Data Covid, Open Data Ricostruzione, and Open Data L'Aquila are platforms implemented from scratch in 20tab and are currently online, accessible and usable by anyone.

The press, from Repubblica to Today has also covered them.

DISCLAIMER: The images in the case study show what the portals look like. However, the design of the platforms wasn't done in 20tab.