PyConIT 2024: the importance of being there

May 29, 2024, by Claudia Mazzullo




Like every year we were present, ready to meet old friends and colleagues and meet new ones, sharing information and values with everyone. We listened to the talks, we drank coffee talking about technology and processes, we collected opinions and very useful feedback.

And we brought our knowledge to the stage.

20tab at PyConIT 2024: 2 talks and 1 new product

Our COO Raffaele Colace took to the stage with his talk "Working software is the primary measure of progress", during which he analyzed the problem of the lack of tests carried out on commonly used software in airplanes, banks, hospitals and the resulting bugs from the user's perspective. He brought attention to the total cost of poor software quality, the technical debt caused by serious software defects that need to be fixed, and the consequences this brings to the end user.

Paolo Melchiorre, CTO of 20tab, instead addressed the topic of the Python community with his talk "Elevator pitch", illustrating the numerous ways to contribute and be involved in the community and to inspire new people. Python is an increasingly used language today, and newcomers to the community have a lot of documentation at their disposal, which guides them in the transformation from simple users to active collaborators

In addition to the talks, this year, as sponsor of the event, we set up our booth to meet the participants and present them our new product, Seedz (soon you will know more about it too!). It was a unique opportunity to show our working method, the way in which we develop custom software every day and discuss the latest technological innovations with other experts, including and above all international ones.

PyCon Italia 2024 Paolo

Experiencing PyConIT

Like every year, PyConIT was a unique and educational experience, and participating for 20tab is essential to know and learn new things, explore new technologies, compare with others and share experiences and points of view.

This continuous exchange with the community always leads us to improve, both as people and as a team, pushing us to always give our best and constantly improve ourselves. See you in 2025!