20tab @ We Make Future: synergy and innovation

June 20, 2024, by Anna Lisa Di Vincenzo




Drone competitions, music, AI and technology insights, interviews and lots and lots of networking: We Make Future is the place to talk about revolutionary approaches, design and digital product development. And it's the place to meet the companies, professionals, and startups that are making the future happen.

On June 13, 14 and 15 in Bologna, we experienced all of this.


There is certainly an air of celebration at the WMF, you can feel the curiosity of the participants for what is offered in the different areas, you can immediately notice the disposition to shake hands and exchange chats and goals.

From our desk at the NETVAL – Italian Network for Research Valorisation and Knowledge Share stand and along the corridors of the fair, we had the opportunity to meet so many Italian companies with whom we share the same vision and principles, and to tell them about our idea of IT consulting and the importance of product thinking.

Many of these companies took our test - Product Quest - to see how close their digital products really are to their users: a little quiz designed to draw the attention of CEOs, designers, marketers and technicians to the importance of UX in building and growing a product.



Our desk was located in the Startup District, within the booth of NETVAL and Knowledge Share. Our presence in this space is related to the work we are doing together with our client.

Knowledge Share is the largest matchmaking platform for deeptech innovation that supports and enables the valorization of research results generated by universities, research hospitals and PROs at the national level. It is a joint project involving NETVAL, the Italian Patent and Trademark Office at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy (MIMIT-UIBM) and Politecnico di Torino, the university that contributed to the first development steps of the platform.

20tab worked on the modernization of the platform's technology stack and carried out user research, which then made it possible to intervene to make the experience of users and TTOs easier and more fruitful.

Want to read the full case study? Check it out here!

But that's not all. What was born with our client is a real sinergy that aims to broaden the collaboration between our realities, with training moments, common goals and experiences built together, like the WMF.

We thank again NETVAL and Knowledge share, the whole team and the whole organization for choosing to live these days together.



Mirko, Ileana, Jessica, Gaetano, Natalia, Luca and Fabio were there, shaking hands, greeting visitors and pressing buttons. The WMF was a moment of work for us and a moment to strengthen that sense of belonging and team spirit that is fundamental to 20tab.

Another opportunity to see each other, work elbow to elbow, and celebrate together.