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Quality. This was the recurring word when Raffaele, Gabriele and Roberto started talking about their idea of Company.
We did not want to be cool, cheap or friendly. We only wanted to build the best software with the best methodologies and for the best clients. And with the best team.
In 2012 we started 20tab, a totally tech-oriented company, from its name (can you guess its meaning? ;) to the involved people.
We strongly believe in Open Source software, but we do not limit ourselves to simply using it, we contribute back to dozens of projects, and our main company products are open source software too. We produly sponsor various tech conferences in Europe, and attend them as speakers as well as mentors.
Our passion for creativity and entertainment allowed us to work in the gaming (and serious gaming) industry, both as developers and teachers.
Since 2015 we are partners of AIV (Italian Videogame Academy) and in 2016 we released UnrealEnginePython, our first high-end middleware for AAA games development.

20tab staff

  • Raffaele Colace picture
    Raffaele Colace
  • Gabriele Giaccari picture
    Gabriele Giaccari
  • Roberto De Ioris picture
    Roberto De Ioris
  • Roberta Giordano picture
    Roberta Giordano
  • Serena Piccardi picture
    Serena Piccardi
  • Virginia Jukuki Capoluongo picture
    Virginia Jukuki Capoluongo
    visual designer
  • Mirko Maiorano picture
    Mirko Maiorano
    growth marketing specialist
  • Paolo Melchiorre picture
    Paolo Melchiorre
  • Filippo Morelli picture
    Filippo Morelli
  • Giacomo Herrero picture
    Giacomo Herrero
    ui/ux designer & developer
  • Tiziano Giammichele picture
    Tiziano Giammichele
    social media manager

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