Nabla: an iterative approach

Nabla Cosmetics is an independent brand and all its makeup products can be purchased through a dedicated e-commerce platform. We started right here, from the platform, a job that took us all the way to programme management.


Nabla Cosmetics






The initial situation

We were approached by the client to address issues caused by their underperforming and difficult-to-manage platform.

We contributed to the upgrading of the entire active and passive cycle management infrastructure, along with all associated digital tools. Our responsibilities included porting the client's previous e-commerce platform to Shopify.

Main technical activities

UI / UX Design


Growth Marketing

Analysis of business processes

Tools and practices

Design Thinking

Implemented activities

The first step involved conducting a study of the client's business goals and the challenges that 20tab was tasked to address. This was followed by a comprehensive analysis of the overall situation and the start of the Discovery phase (event storming, impact mapping, interviews, technical analysis).

Subsequently, a solution was proposed, which entailed integrating multiple teams to handle various operational fronts, managing internal processes, and migrating the e-commerce platform to Shopify.

Through an iterative implementation approach, the different tools were successfully replaced incrementally, starting with basic versions and then following an improved roadmap based on feedback and analysis of the available data.

Furthermore, a comprehensive coordination support system was introduced, giving rise to an ongoing Program Management activity.

Implemented Technologies


Final result

The initial project has not yet been completed and has evolved into providing support to Nabla both at the Program Management level and in executing custom software and Shopify e-commerce solutions.

The existing e-commerce port from the initial platform to Shopify was successful, as well as the new Odoo management system.