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A year of #StopCoding

18 Dec, 2019 Community
A year of #StopCoding

It all started when we looked up from the keyboard.

The #StopCoding project stemmed from the awareness that programmers could not be mere executors, but they had to actually meet the business world. This collaboration could bring nothing but better results.

And maybe we weren't the only ones to think that. You thought so too, if you attended our workshops.

We want to relive 2019 with you and get ready for a new year, full of ideas and initiatives.

User Story Mapping

This methodology, introduced by Jeff Patton in 2008, was the subject of our first workshop: this techniqueaims to create a stronger connection between the development and the entrepreneurial worlds.

user story mapping

Under the guidance of our Gabriele Giaccari, we saw the teams working on an overall vision of the project entrusted to them and learning to evaluate priorities together.

Lego 4 Scrum

In May, we set up a unique event with the participation of Massimo Sarti.

Workshop participants collaborated in building a city, in a sort of simulation game. How did they do that? With Lego bricks and using Scrum.


Maybe you didn’t know, but many of them approached the principles of the Agile manifesto thanks to this game.

Lean Startup

During the third #StopCoding event we deepened our knowledge of the methodology used by the best startups and companies in their product and service development processes.

Paolo Napolitano guided us along the path and this is the most important thing he taught us: fail fast, learn faster.

The revolution that has brought innovative business models, thus meets the programmers' match.

lean startup

Customer Development

Why don't we go almost 30 years back in time?

With our Mirko Maiorano we tried the Customer Development methodology, born in the 90s, but more relevant than ever for the present-day startup world, based on a meticulous work on researching and discovering customers.

customer development

This model aims to validate the needs and desires of the market in order to build the most effective solutions and grow with greater awareness.

Design Thinking

We thus get to our last 2019 workshop: a pink meeting with our Jukuki.

design thinking

In that occasion we worked a lot on generating ideas and searching for new solutions.

That’s because design thinking applies the techniques of creative thinking to problem solving: we are talking about a collaborative planning model centered on people, aimed at finding products or services which will satisfy their users.

As for 2020?

#StopCoding does not end here: we can already anticipate that there will be two workshops on Agile Software Development and Growth Marketing next year. And then we are working on so many new ideas.

To stay updated on all upcoming #StopCoding events, subscribe to our MeetUp group or visit the website!

#StopCoding is a partner event of #AperiTech, a Codemotion initiative in collaboration with LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs. A heartfelt thanks to them and to all our speakers!


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