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Product Management Day: an Agile conference

13 Sep, 2022 Community
Product Management Day: an Agile conference

The role of 20tab in Product Management Day

The conference that Raffaele, COO and Co-Founder of 20tab, had dreamt about, was supposed to be called Towards Quality Software. With the support of Gabriele and Mirko and the work of the team, it has become much more, literally the biggest Italian conference entirely dedicated to digital products.

In 2021 the first edition, totally remotely as the restrictions imposed, and in the summer of 2022 the hybrid version in Rome, which took place both in streaming and in person. The highest representation of that concept of continuous learning, of Continuous Disclosure, which we research and apply every day in the company.

The 20tab Marketing team has worked for months behind the scenes of this event, analyzing, studying and building this conference piece by piece, managing emergencies, program changes and tasks that jumped into priority.


Making Product Management Day

How did this venture develop and how did it grow, then?

We are not event organizers, so we have always looked at the Product Management Day as something that we could develop and grow as we do with the other products we work on, with our method.

The conference was based on a dedicated, cross-functional and self-organized team, which based its work on continuous feedback cycles and iterations, in a synergistic and Agile game.

Here are the key points of the process that led us to set up the event.


Analysis and strategy

The Product Management Day was born from our desire and our need, to start talking about digital products in Italy, to create an Italian event on this topic.

From here we started to analyze the context and understand if this need was also felt by others, professionals, industry communities, companies: we listened and collected opinions, ideas, suggestions. We studied the major international events and the state of things in our country. Hence a series of brainstorming, collaborative diagrams on Miro, tools for prioritization, which allowed us to analyze all the data collected and put them in order, to start building the backbone of the conference.

And the same procedure, starting from the experience of the first edition, was repeated in the definition of Product Management Day 2022.


Collaboration and synergy

Once the characteristics of the event have been defined, the priorities and the steps to be taken have been established, the team has become a central factor for the more operational part.

A team composed of Digital Marketing Specialists, Content Strategists, Administration and Logistics, Designer, Growth Marketer, Content Creator, but above all of professionals with horizontal skills able to collaborate and support each other in tackling complex and structured tasks.





A standardized but flexible process, able to deploy the workload and aiming at the goal in a lean and measurable way.


Adapting to change

We know that organizing an event means having to deal with constant requests, change of scenerios, external issues that interfere with the existing plans. No worries then, let's stay Agile.

One of the mantras is that of adapting to change: precisely through dialogue between the team, the continuous analysis of numbers and feedback, and having a Priority column on Trello - red and very fearsome! - we were able to dodge moments of crisis, take those moments and reintroduce them in a loop that saw them simply as new issues to find a new solution; obstacles that initially seemed overwhelming and impossible to break down into small tasks, to be solved one at a time.

Always keeping in mind that individuals and interactions matter more than processes and tools, and that our ultimate goal was not to get the job done, but to build a conference that would align with the needs of users. 


Feedback and listening

What happens when the result has been brought home and the curtain drops?

The work continues: in these weeks we are collecting feedback, opinions and suggestions from all users who have revolved around the event. We involved attendees, speakers, sponsors and partners in this process. We question data, we observe behaviors, we put on the table the difficulties and mistakes made as a team.

First of all, this results in a series of Reports, to be presented and studied in a Review, to then move on to a mega Retrospective, in which we analyze every single aspect, discuss and set guidelines that we will take with us to the next round.

And then, all this material is part of an Opportunity Solution Tree: ready to restart the process and to build the next edition.



After June 25th we started working on the 2023 edition: we are still absorbing all the lessons learnt in these months of hard work and during the conference day.

From here we will start again - and there are already interesting news on the plate - to redefine the contours of the Product Management Day which will continue to grow, in a continuous process characterized by great team work, a fundamental Agile approach and a careful and continuous confrontation with people.

The date is set for next year: keep following us on LinkedIn and on the other social networks of the conference.


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