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How to use Django with uWSGI

06 Apr, 2017 Development
How to use Django with uWSGI

How do you use Django with uWSGI? Let's see it together.

Prerequisite: uWSGI

The uWSGI wiki describes several installation procedures. Using pip, the Python package manager, you can install any uWSGI version with a single command. For example:

# Install current stable version.

$ pip install uwsgi

# Or install LTS (long term support).

$ pip install

uWSGI model

uWSGI operates on a client-server model. Your Web server (e.g., nginx, Apache) communicates with a django-uwsgi “worker” process to serve dynamic content.

Configuring and starting the uWSGI server for Django

uWSGI supports multiple ways to configure the process. See uWSGI’s configuration documentation...

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