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Growth Team: what it is and why it is essential

21 Jan, 2021 Marketing
Growth Team: what it is and why it is essential

Growth Marketing is also very widespread in Italy today. But to really make this growth process pay off, you need a Growth Team. 

Who is the Growth Marketing Specialist

Growth Hacker, Growth Marketer, Growth Marketing Specialist. There are several nomenclatures to indicate this professional, but the one I prefer is definitely the latter, which leaves no doubt that we are dealing with a method that involves marketing and other activities focusing on one thing only: growth.
In any case, roles and skills do not change.

The Growth Hacker - let's call him/her this way to simplify - is a multidisciplinary or multipotential professional who, thanks to the experience and passions gained in different sectors, has developed three super skills:

  1. ability to synthesize ideas
  2. quick learning ability
  3. ability to adapt to any context

Thanks to these three powerful features, the Growth Hacker has the ability to observe the project from a privileged point of view than the various specialists (programmer, marketer, designer, etc.), to lead a Growth Hacking process in order to identify the right combination of several factors and find the idea (hack) capable of giving the necessary boost in helping the business take off.

In practical terms he/she is one, but he/she counts for three!

  1. He/she is a team leader who relies on his/her expertise and his/her ability to communicate, to keep his/her team of specialists cohesive and diligent.
  2. He/she is a connecting figure between different company departments and roles, capable of understanding all processes and optimizing the operational work of the role specialist, offering him/her an alternative vision of things.
  3. He/she is an extremely curious innovator, who is not afraid of making mistakes, as for him/her that phase is a necessary step from which to learn the necessary notions capable of improving the rest of the innovation and growth process.

Among the tasks of the Growth Hacker, there is to deal directly with the decision-making part of the company, analyze the business model and datas, exchange ideas and feedback with the various departments, manage a process of continuous experimentation while maintaining focus and priorities.

Last but not least, the task of building, training and managing a team of specialists, the Growth Team, able to put all the planned activities into practice.

The Growth Team: who is it composed of?

If the Growth Hacker is the mind, the Growth Team is the heart, the arms, the feet, the eyes, the mouth, the gut of a growth process!

A good Growth Hacker without a good team of specialists, also called Growth Team, is not effective and hardly manages to bring benefits to the growth of the business project

Yes, because while the former has a multidisciplinary training (also called T-shaped), which allows him to have a different vision of the project, only those who deeply know a particular field can guarantee the maximum operational result.

Let's take a practical example: if the need to start a growth experiment through the creation of a landing page emerges from the Growth Hacking process, the GH thanks to his/her multidisciplinary knowledge can easily communicate with the various web design, copywriting and data analysis specialists, that will have to deal with the implementation of the experiment, in order to obtain the best result possible. 

Those who know me know well what I think about one-man-bands: it's not just an outdated concept, but rather I find it destructive. Those who do a little bit of everything, in the end, do not do enough of anything and this causes a mediocre result from the merely operational point of view.

Multidisciplinarity is very powerful when we are talking about a purely strategic task but, at the operational level, it is necessary to have a well defined verticality.

Who is in the Growth Team, then?

A minimum growth team for a digital project must have at least these figures/skills on staff:

Besides of course a Growth Hacker! 

If we then want to go to the next level, therefore we can enter other specializations, including:

What to consider before starting a Growth Marketing process

In this article I have already debunked a myth, that of the professional handyman. Now I want to debunk a second one: the Growth Marketing process is not cheap, but it is a wise investment.

The Growth Hacker himself/herself should suggest the best way to proceed:

Therefore, it is essential to choose a Growth Hacker that is smart, a very important figure for the growth of the company, to be evaluated based on his track records (credentials) but also on his database of collaborators and partners, as they will have to actually work on the project.

In 20tab we have a Growth Team, able to carry on the growth process of our digital products and those of our clients from the idea to the realization: our being multipotentialite is a goal we have aimed at from the beginning, to offer the client a complete, high quality service that can make a difference. We'll explain everything here!

After all, a good coach without excellent players in the team can surely achieve some good results, but he will unlikely be able to make history!

Mirko Maiorano

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