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Developing in Python: why we recommend it!

09 May, 2019 Development
Developing in Python: why we recommend it!

In our Rome headquarter, we have a senior developers team in Python with more than 10 years of experience.

I want to tell you why we made this choice and why we are still sure to use it as the main tool.

After working for years with Java and PHP, without the help of any framework, I quickly realised that it was necessary to create a tool that could help me to accelerate the projects development. Then we started to plan and implement a tool in PHP that made faster the creation of web interfaces for the dashboard used by web site admins. During the development we find out that what we need was already done and written in Python: I’m talking about Django, a web framework that is still part of our toolkit.

Apart from this opening digression, it’s very interesting to see how Python is in constant growth among the most employed programming languages, and you can see it on stackoverflow.

growth programming languages

But let’s examine why we took in consideration this fantastic language.

The reasons that led us to choose Python

One of the major strong points is that Python is an open source language. Developers really like this feature, and we are obviously among those who give their contribution to the growth of the community and of the open source tools. You just have to see our github to verify it.

It’s a language that supports both object oriented and functional programming, and additionally, being an interpreted language, it can be used on every operating system, provided that the interpreter is installed.

The community, being so extended, contributes not only to the improvement of the language, but also to the creation of a lot of libraries, so it’s easier to not reinvent the wheel with Python. Most likely the tool we need has already been created by another developer.

One of the things that made it grow is surely its ease of use and its characteristic syntax, that forces the developer to write the code in an orderly way. Its syntax tied to the code indentation avoids us to write a lot of semicolon and braces.

To let you see an example of how much it is easier writing in Python, I’ll resort to the famous “Hello, world”:

hello world

Just think how much less code you can write to develop very complex applications with hundreds of features.

One of the main reasons that made it our language is, however, that Django is written in Python and it allows us to create complicated, performing and safe web applications, with minimum effort. Especially since we developed our boilerplate, that you can find on Github.

We are not alone

For many years we have participated to the italian conferences on Python. But not only that, we also took part in some Europython events, both as speakers and as participants.

We are official sponsors of PyCon Italia and at the following links you can find some talks given by my colleagues:

  1. From user stories to automatic tests in Django

  2. - full-text search with postgresql

  3. Videos from Europython 2017; Rimini

Moreover we are active part of the PyRoma community, in Rome of course.

All these events are an inexhaustible source of experience, you can meet the world best developers, which contribute continuously to the improvement of the language and of the tools we use everyday.

In conclusion, the real issue isn’t “why you should use Python” but “why not to use Python”.

Raffaele Colace

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