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Creating skills for Alexa has never been easier

10 Oct, 2019 Development
Creating skills for Alexa has never been easier

Today many programmers are encouraged and hired by Amazon to create skills for its voice assistant "Alexa".

Even in our Rome headquarters - where we develop Python and Django applications, finding solutions for startups and other companies - in recent times the interest in this new technology has grown.

Alexa is distributed by Amazon, through the various Amazon Echo devices and allows you to control many objects, services and contents just by using your voice.

As far as domotics is concerned, I personally use it for lights and household appliances and for things such as setting up the timer, knowing the weather conditions, playing music and keeping up to date on the latest news.

But did you know that you can enrich Alexa with custom features using Django?

Django at the service of Alexa

My consideration began when I decided to add new skills to Alexa, taking advantage of Amazon’s available devices.

Slowness, endless clicks, a toilsome process: all of this led me to think of an alternative solution.

Django, as you know, is an open source web framework written in Python, which is easy and quick to use. That is why it looked like the best answer to my need for a more agile procedure and new custom "abilities" for my Echo.

How to do it?

I decided to share with you, developer, the technical aspects of this process and to introduce you to the system I developed to make your life easier.

If you love writing code and using the terminal, you're in the right place. You can download my e-book in which I explain how to implement a skill for Alexa step by step: it is very technical, practical and contains a hands-on example. 
Click here, and enjoy the reading!

ebook skill Alexa eng

To try my Django Alexa Template right away, just click here!

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