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We are a consultancy and digital product development firm, comprised of IT specialists, developers, project managers, marketing and digital communication experts and visual designers.

We use Lean and Agile methods to realize the business ideas of our clients which speed up the development time and reduce waste. We love to develop in Python, but we are able to use all the technologies needed to create a project that meets the needs of the market.

Our accrued experience with international firms, startups and SMEs allows us to work in several ways:

  • flanking our client's internal team with whom we install a process of growth and learning

  • as a dedicated outsourcing team which guarantees readily available experts who work on the project

  • as a trusted partner with whom to establish an active collaboration, to help achieve business goals and optimize the necessary investments

We have over 10 years of experience in developing in Python, but we can work with various technologies and programming languages to create software, mobile apps, complex platforms and web apps.

Thanks to our dedicated digital marketing team we can accompany our products onto the market helping their growth with appropriate visual design, creation of strategic plans of digital marketing, use of Growth marketing, invention of online pubblicity campaigns, the study and optimization of user experience,the launch of social media marketing, seo, content marketing and marketing automation

20tab is all this and more, a place where digital products grow fast.


20tab people

I've been involved in software development since 2001, and for over 10 years I've worked mainly in Python. My focus is on Lean and Agile methodologies, that I use to manage projects and products, and that I find myself talking about in conferences and meetups.

Gabriele Giaccari

CEO and Co-Founder

Passionate in Agile and Lean methodologies, obsessed with programming best practices. I know different languages such as Swift, C#, Java but my favorite will always remain Python.

Raffaele Colace

COO and Co-Founder

Born as developer, I fell in love with Data Analysis and I grew up in Business and Marketing. Entrepreneur and Growth Marketing Specialist with 15 years of experience in the field and an indomitable curiosity.

Mirko Maiorano

Head of Growth

Who solves the problems and supports the team in 20tab? Yes, me, a graduate in Natural Sciences with a passion for writing and science. I like to train listening and analysis, learn new things and play with numbers.

Serena Piccardi


I am a visual designer, I deal with the design of digital communication with a particular focus on the design of brand identity and the creation of creative concepts. I collect useless and pink things.

Virginia Capoluongo

Visual designer

An Italian Literature graduate lent to Marketing. Finding the right words to give companies a voice is my job: I'm a copywriter, as well as a compulsive hoarder of books and polka dot objects.

Anna Lisa Di Vincenzo


I have always been a GNU/Linux user, a computer engineer and a Python developer who contributes to the Django project. I work remotely but you can find me giving a presentation in a technical conference.

Paolo Melchiorre

CTO & Backend developer

I'm passionate about technology, flying, music and languages. I believe in contamination, experimentation and contradictions. "If life has a sense, it must be a sense of humour".

Filippo Morelli

Backend developer

I published my first blog at the age of 14 and decided at that time that the web would become my profession. «You never lose a dream, it just incubates as a hobby.» (Larry Page)

Carmelo Catalfamo

Frontend developer

Mine is a real record: I am the first graduate in Interaction Design in Italy. Passionate and specialized in front end development since not suspicious times, I am always attentive to innovation and the perpetual search for new stimuli.

Daniele Pompa

Frontend developer

In web publishing since 2001, I'm fascinated by the relationship between tech and the evolution of society: I'm interested in multimedia techniques focused on disseminating information effectively and to a wide public.

Niccolò Mineo

Backend developer

Backend developer, but not only! Passionate about technology, software development and the open source world. Python and Django are among my favourite technologies.

Moreno Mazzocchetti

Backend developer

I've been sitting in front of a computer since I was 5. At 12 I became an informatics enthusiast. I started out as a Java programmer and then discovered the Python world, developing an interest in machine and deep learning.

Giacomo Di Salvo

Backend developer

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