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We are a product team made up of IT specialists, developers, product managers, designers and experts in marketing and digital communication. We develop digital products of the highest quality, designed to grow within a market.

We use Lean and Agile methodologies to shape our clients’ business ideas by speeding up development times and reducing waste. We love developing in Python, but we are able to choose and use the best technologies for every single project.

The experience gained so far working with international companies, startups and SMEs, allows us to work in Product Team as a Service mode, thus offering complete consultancy.

We are a cohesive and powerful product team with senior skills from development to design, from product management to marketing, ready to help companies give life to their digital products.

We have over 10 years of experience in developing in Python, but we are able to work with different technologies and programming languages with which we create software, mobile apps, platforms and complex web applications.

Furthermore, we escort our clients’ products onto the market and facilitate their growth through attention to visual design, the creation of strategic digital marketing plans, the implementation of growth marketing processes, the creation of online advertising campaigns, the study and optimization of the user experience, the launch of social media marketing activities, seo, content marketing and marketing automation.

Our secret wish?

We work every day to create an ideal work environment, where the best technology, the highest know-how and disruptive creativity coexist. A place where digital products capable of solving people's problems are being created. A model of inspiration.



This is 20tab, a place where digital products grow fast.


20tab people

I've been in software development since 2001, and for over 10 years I've mainly been working in Python. My focus is on Lean and Agile methodologies, that I use to manage projects and products, and of which I find myself talking about in conferences and meetups.

Gabriele Giaccari

CEO & Co-Founder

Passionate in Agile and Lean methodologies, obsessed with programming best practices. I know several languages such as Swift, C#, Java but my favourite one will always remain Python.

Raffaele Colace

COO & Co-Founder

Born as a developer, I fell in love with Data Analysis and grew up with Business and Marketing. Entrepreneur and Growth Marketing Specialist with 15 years of experience in the field and an indomitable curiosity.

Mirko Maiorano

Head of Growth & Co-Founder

Who’s the one who solves the critical issues and supports the team in 20tab? Yes, me, a graduate in Natural Sciences with a passion for writing and science. I like to train my listening and analysis skills, learn new things and play with numbers.

Serena Piccardi


I have always been a GNU/Linux user, a computer engineer and Python developer contributing to the Django project. I work remotely but you can find me giving a presentation at a technical conference.

Paolo Melchiorre

CTO & Backend developer

I have a degree in Astrophysics and 30 years of experience in the IT industry. I am an expert in agile methodologies, both as regards the adoption process and their dissemination, coaching and mentoring. My other great passion is music.

Fabio Armani

Agile Coach

Web is my calling, having navigated it as a developer, consultant, team leader and project manager. Facilitating the work of teams is my other passion; that is why I take an agile approach and help others do so too. I love it when a plan comes together.

Maurizio Delmonte

Product Owner

I grew up in a startup, dealing with product, strategy, marketing and data analysis for big data and AI-based solutions. Driven by a strong curiosity, my mission is to transform simple or complex ideas into successful products.

Pasquale Stroia

Product Owner

I have been dealing with UX/UI design for digital products and brand identity design for more than 18 years and have never stopped learning. Together with 20tab's product team I lead the analysis sprint and design with a user-centered approach. I collect useless and pink objects.

Virginia Capoluongo

Visual & UX/UI Designer

Citizen of the world, I love languages, geography, the outdoors and music. I worked as a graphic and web designer, now I deal with UI / UX design through the use of design thinking.

Laura Patricia Lezcano Guzman

UX/UI Designer

I'm passionate about technology, flying, music and languages. I believe in contamination, experimentation and contradictions. «If life has a sense, it must be the sense of humour».

Filippo Morelli

Backend developer

Mine is a real record: I was the first one to graduate in Interaction Design in Italy. Passionate and specialized in frontend development since not suspicious times, I am always attentive to innovation and to the perpetual search for new stimuli.

Daniele Pompa

Frontend developer

JavaScript developer with a passion for writing, Django and testing. Code aside, I also strongly believe in inclusion and diversity within the tech world. I participate as a coach to the Django Girls initiatives.

Valentino Gagliardi

JavaScript Developer

Graduated in Biology, I became passionate about the development world by studying automation and manipulation of geospatial data. In my free time, I enjoy creating video games and deepening my programming knowledge.

Juliana Nicacio

Backend Developer

In web publishing since 2001, I'm fascinated by the relationship between technology and social evolution: I'm interested in multimedia techniques aimed at the effective dissemination of information to a wide audience.

Niccolò Mineo

Backend developer

Trained as a sociologist but with an unrestrained passion for computer science, GNU/Linux user by choice and supporter of free and open source software. I am a backend developer at 20tab and developing in Python and Django is what I like most.

Matteo Vitali

Backend Developer

In 20tab since 2020 as a translator and a QA tester, in other words I hunt bugs and glitches and I make sure everything works from the user’s perspective. Music is my biggest passion and I wore a beard way before it was cool.

Davide Straccione

QA Tester

Nerd son of Nerd: raised in Doom and Monkey Island, surrounded by technology, I tried to rebel and study Cultural Heritage to be an Archaeologist. Today I am in charge of development, python is my life partner. In his spare time books, games and writing.

Fabio Piras


Self-taught by profession - I started this way with piano, skateboard and code -, I am always looking for new challenges. I was born a designer but, with time, I switched to web development.

Flavio Bernasconi

Frontend Developer

Through trial and error and diving head first I picked up Python, Django, Docker, and some of AWS tech. I love DevOps because it keeps server maintenanace away from me. I'm a history buff who wants to travel the world.

Giulio Scutari

Backend Developer

A graduate in Italian Literature given to Marketing. Finding the right words to give companies a voice is my job: I'm a copywriter, as well as a serial collector of books and polka dot objects.

Anna Lisa Di Vincenzo


A jazz singer working in marketing. Yes, you read that right: I'm a Digital Marketing Specialist and ad platforms are my bread and butter. I am an optimistic and curious person by nature.

Ileana Baldassi

Digital Marketing Specialist

I am a Social Media Manager with a strong passion for visual and photography: I spend my days online between hashtags, social networks and RAW files.

Martina Iulianella

Social Media Manager

I have a degree in Physics, I'm studying Genetics and I'm a Content Creator. Always passionate about science, I am an extremely curious person and I love contaminations. I love writing novels and walking in the woods.

Claudia Mazzullo


I started my first gaming startup at the age of 20, finding out soon enough that doing business is not a game. From that moment I have never stopped: today I deal with mobile marketing for apps and video games, between User Acquisition and Mobile Analytics.

Siro Toracchio

Mobile Growth Consultant

I am a lawyer with a passion for information technology. I believe that greater awareness and a strong digital culture are needed to lead technological evolution.

Andrea Battistella

Lawyer & GDPR Expert

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