Years of experience in software development brought us to follow all the best practices that match with agile and scrum statements: we aim to realize valuable products in small sprints, deploying in continuous integration and focused on quality achieved with test driven development, behaviour driven development, refactoring and versioning all the code we produce, and above all with a never-ending curiosity to learn new technologies and methodologies.
Although we strongly believe fieldwork and study is the main way to get skills, we completed our training process getting certifications as Scrum Master and Product Owner.

  • _Painless software

    "They make software development a no-surprise business"

  • From user stories to automatic tests in Django

    Video & Link for the downloadable slides of the Gabriele Giaccari and Filippo Morelli' talk at Pycon Nove; Florence, April 2018.

  • Italy, Python and the chimera of the Agile

    Video & Link for the downloadable slides of the Iacopo Spalletti, Gabriele Giaccari and Peter Bittner' talk at Pycon Otto; Florence, April 2017.

  • Taiga and the Agile Project Management

    Video and link for the downloadable slides of the Gabriele Giaccari' talk at Pycon Otto; Florence, April 2017.

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