Hundreds of software solutions to a wide range of real-life problems for varied kinds of clients, from large companies management systems interacting with SAP and other business applications or international data-analysis projects for the University or Advertising Companies, to medical questionnaire, customized ecommerce, sport or music social-network and many more.
Python and Django are our preferred choice for hi-level architectures, integrating with C or Perl for low-level tasks, Swift and Java for ios/android mobile apps and C++/C# when interacting with 3D and gaming software.


  • django spoolgore

    A django email backend for the Spoolgore daemon

  • 20tab nullmailer

    An smtpd python class to inject mails in the nullmailer spool system

  • Django Political Map

    Django application to store geolocalized places and organize them according to political hierarchy.

  • Django Select2 fork

    A Django integration of Select2, working with django-⁠admin.

  • concertiaroma.com

    A website for live events in Rome developed with the latest technologies like Python 3.6, Django 1.11, PostgreSQL.

  • _Consulthink

    ICT Company

  • _Mimai

    Communication, design, marketing

  • _Reverse

    Creative studio

  • _Gruppo Ottomani

    Graphic design studio


  • Videos from Europython 2017; Rimini

    All our videos from Europtyhon 2017 in Rimini. The talks “Games with Unreal Engine 4 and Python ” by Roberto De Ioris and “Full-Text Search in Django with PostgreSQL” by Paolo Melchiorre, plus the panel Making Games with Python: Mission Impossible?"   by R. De Ioris, T. Uzelac and M. Christen.

  • Full-Text Search in Django with PostgreSQL

    Video and link for the downloadable slides of the Paolo Melchiorre' talk at Pycon Otto; Florence, April 2017.

  • Presenting pySFTPServer: OpenSSH SFTP Service with Python

    Video and link for the downloadable slides of the Filippo Morelli' talk at Pycon Otto; Florence, April 2017.

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