/3D simulations and gaming middlewares

Game development is our passion. We heavily work with the game industry since the beginning
of 20tab. We are proud to develop and maintain the Unreal Engine Python plugin, as well as the didactical libraries and engines of AIV (The Italian Videogame Academy). Other projects includes the bulletphysics python wrapper and the gozmo game engine.
Thanks to our know-how in both graphics pipelines and networking, we was able to work in the professional simulations field too (mainly formula 2).
During the years we hold dozens of technical talks about game development in big conferences, like EuroPython and Codemotion.
Unity is another technology we felt in love, we gave courses about it and we got its certification during the first European exam.
If you have an amzaing idea you want to propose us, feel free to _contact us


  • Unreal Engine Python

    This is a plugin embedding a whole Python VM (versions 3.x [the default and suggested one] and 2.7) In Unreal Engine 4 (both the editor and runtime)

  • Dolguth

    Dolguth is a 2D oldschool brawler for up-to 6 local players. Choose your mech to fight in one of the Dolguth arenas and destroy the other warriors....

  • Robotab

    HTML5/⁠python multiplayer game demo

  • Bombertab

    An html game demo based on Tremolo and uWSGI websockets api

  • pybulletphysics

    A Python wrapper for the Bullet Physics 2.x library. (note that 2.x version was merged into bullet 3.x repository)

  • Gozmo

    Gozmo is a hardware accelerated game engine written in the Go language. It is based on OpenGL and uses libraries from the go-gl project

  • aiv-⁠fast2d

    Hardware accelerated 2D library, used by the first year students of "Accademia Italiana Videogiochi". Supports Windows, MacOSX, Linux, An...

  • aiv-⁠fast3d

    3D Classes built upon Aiv.Fast2D, mainly aimed at developing 2.5D games

  • _AIV (Accademia Italiana Videogiochi)

    Working on AIV didactical libraries and engines, teacher of computer graphics and programming


    Software engineers for Avehil Formula 2 simulation project

  • _2be3d

    3D modeling and printing company

  • _Holey

    Start-up specialized in the design and manufacture of orthopedic products through the use of 3D scanning and printing

  • Your First Automated Pipeline with UnrealEnginePython (Part 1)

    A tutorial for build a python script to generate a new Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint implementing a Kaiju.

  • Games with Unreal Engine 4 and Python

    Video and link for the downloadable slides of the Roberto De Ioris' talk at Pycon Otto; Florence, April 2017.

  • Simplified lighting for Unity 2D using a screen shader

    A tutorial that allow you to use a screen shader for lighting in Unity 2D, from the game "Dolguth".



if you have an amazing idea

you want to propose us, feel free to
contact us_