uWSGI for great good

Image of the article: uWSGI for great good

If feels that every time I go to a meetup I inevitably end up raving to people about the benefits of uWSGI ; it’s basically my Godwin’s Law.

So, what is it, why is it cool and why should I use it?

It’s all a bit confusing. I think that part of the problem is that you will often find uWSGI listed in comparison articles against other servers such as CherryPy or Gunicorn, but it’s not really a web server as such. It’s an Application Server.

That is it takes your nice pythonic WSGI based web app and wraps it in its own execution environment, like a comforting warm home for your application to thrive in. It’s a similar concept to the old java servers of old; you know, the Tomcat / JBoss containers? Okay, no need to run away screaming, it’s not actually that bad. In fact, this is kind of a good thing...


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