Interview from Growth Hacking Day

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Growth Hacking Day [Milan, 28th May 2018]

20tab sponsored the first Growth Hacking event in Italy. There were lots of international speakers, who brought interesting contents and values. 

During this event we introduced a new project, "20tab for Startup Growth", with whom we support startups and companies, from the expansion stage to the growth stage, by providing them our advices and services. We also had the opportunity to meet a lot of entrepreneurs, who joined our project.

During the Growth Hacking Day, Raffaele Colace, gave an interview to Paolo Pugni, which is published by YouMediaWeb on Spreaker. Raffaele talked about the importance of the project management for a solid development and growth. The focus keyword is "get your hands dirty" and work hard for the success of your ideas.

Here you cand find the podcast of the interview [Italian language]: