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Our job consists in innovating through the best technologies, the highest level of know-how, the most effective marketing strategies and the most disruptive creativity.

To do so, we need people with concrete skills, passionate about programming, design and marketing, enthusiastic and with a great desire to invest in their professional growth.

20tab is an agile company specializing in digital solutions.

The main characteristic of our company consists in a different approach to IT consulting, focused on a Product Team as a Service approach: we follow customers throughout the Product Management process thanks to a team with complementary skills.

We apply these methodologies daily and have created our own process, which leaves as much room for Discovery as for the Delivery phase. We work in Scrum and pursue a path of continuous improvement, under the expert guidance of our Agile Coach.

For us, the team is central: competent, cohesive and complete, it builds and accompanies user-centered digital products on the market, facilitating the digital transformation of companies through customized solutions.

We heavily invest in continuous training and we are at the forefront of spreading an Agile culture that makes the difference: we actively participate in conferences and meetups, as well as being founders of #StopCoding and creators of the Product Management Day.

We are based in Rome and Pescara, but we work remotely - long before “remote work” became a buzzword! - with flexible hours. Our customers are both Italian and international: for this, it is necessary to have a good command of the English language.

If you are a passionate, curious person who wants to grow and experiment, then you should send us your application!

On this page you will find the open positions, the figures we are looking for at the moment and for which you could be hired in the short term. But also those positions that, even if occupied, could be useful for expanding the team. 

We look for

  • Frontend Developer

    To become a Frontend Developer in the 20tab Team you must have a good knowledge of React and React Native.

    You are going to work in a fast-changing environment, marked by the application of Agile methodologies and a lean process that aims at building high quality products, without waste.

    Your growth and your skills will support those already present within the team: for us what matters most, along with the skills, is the desire to improve. And we bet you don't lack that.

    • Ongoing paid corporate training, remote working with flexible hours.


  • Sales Account

    The Sales Account is the point of contact between 20tab and the clients: so it is important that they have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, but also a good knowledge of the digital industry.

    It will be their task to accompany new leads to discover the company and the 20tab way - sharing the business strategy with the Board and the marketing department - take care of the entire contractual aspect, manage the CRM and work on the retention of the Current Accounts.

    If you have at least 3 years of experience in this position and you speak good English, you might just be the person we are looking for.

    • Ongoing paid corporate training, remote working with flexible hours.

Positions with spontaneous application

  • The work of a UX/UI Designer in 20tab is compelling and challenging: for this reason we are looking for an empathetic, creative, curious and multidisciplinary person.

    You will follow the entire product development process, from user research to prototyping, shoulder to shoulder with the developers, in an atmosphere of collaboration and constructive discussion with the rest of the team.

    The needs of the users are crucial for us, and so is the figure of the Designer: if your professional mission is to build products that are useful to people, then this announcement is right for you.

    • Ongoing paid corporate training, remote working with flexible hours.

  • Prerequisite for this position? Knowledge of Django.

    If Python is your favorite language but you like to experiment, consider testing an integral part of the code, support a TDD approach, and would like to learn more about DevOps, then you're in the right place.

    Our devs love to write code, they study innovative solutions, contribute to open source projects and share their knowledge at the industry's biggest conferences.

    • Ongoing paid corporate training, remote working with flexible hours.

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