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#StopCoding: Lean Startup and Agile experiences

29 Apr, 2019 Community
#StopCoding: Lean Startup and Agile experiences

What can come out of the encounter between the tech world, from software and digital product development to digital marketing, and that of business?

Breaking away from the keyboard means that programmers are no longer mere executors.

Knowing the organizational aspect and technical procedures means for managers and entrepreneurs to understand the value and potential of that work.

The goal of our #StopCoding is precisely to combine different languages and needs, to achieve better results without wasting time or resources: thus creating a new collaboration between the figures involved in the processes.

#StopCoding Workshops

Who is #StopCoding addressed to?

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#StopCoding is a partner event of #AperiTech, a Codemotion initiative in collaboration with LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs - Roma.


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