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Smart working is a choice

12 Mar, 2020 Methodologies
Smart working is a choice

In such complex and delicate circumstances as the ones we are experiencing, many are switching to smart working, while for others this seems like an unattainable approach.

Exactly, because smart working is a choice.

The smart working culture

This historical period will inevitably seal the fate of the world’s population. Daily habits, priorities and needs radically change in a situation like the one we are facing these days.

Companies now have the responsibility to preserve the health of their employees, since they are the key element for success or even just for the survival of their business.

Much discussed lately, smart working is "a martial art", according to our Paolo Melchiorre. This is true for those who are not used to it. It is about having discipline and organization but also the right tools.

However, these practical problems that anyone can experience when making this choice are, paradoxically, the easiest ones to manage.

When you are on the other side, in a managerial position, having the right culture and mentality to understand its actual benefits might be difficult. What are they?

At 20tab we have been working this way since day one. Our approach is free choice.

Personally I am not very disciplined and I prefer to work outside home, but I have to consider the needs of our team.

Thanks to my partners and collaborators this corporate culture is now well established. Everyone acts responsibly and the level of trust we have reached is priceless.

Unfortunately, I still see companies forcing "employees" to go to the office because they don't trust their good intentions. This brings discomfort, anger and frustration to workers who find themselves facing a “BOSS” giving orders, on top of the actual hardship of the situation.

I truly hope that after this coronavirus experience companies will understand how important it is to make their employees satisfied.

[BONUS] Some useful tools

I would like to conclude this article by listing some tools that help us work remotely in team:

And now, enjoy smart working!

Raffaele Colace

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